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GVISION is partnering with the leaders of the Security Camera market to provide cutting-edge solutions that ensure safety and security for businesses and homes.

Custom-made installations to meet your needs.

At GVISION, we are aware that each business has different security needs, which is why we offer custom-made installations to meet your specific requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and to design a video surveillance solution that is tailored to their business.

Who is video surveillance for?

Video surveillance is for everyone:

Individuals who want to protect their home and/or apartment during periods of absence.

Shops and Entreprises: protect customers and staff, limit theft, and secure cash flows.

Large spaces (warehouses, sorting centers, etc.): Video surveillance helps to avoid errors in loading or unloading goods from the truck to the storage box, blind spots, and theft.

Condominiums: in gardens, squares, common areas, building entrances, parking lots, and basements.

Hotels: protect customers and staff and limit theft.

Banks: Exposed to many risks (vandalism, attacks on counters, ATM break-ins, robberies, etc.), banks must prevent such situations.

Why equip with video surveillance ?

Dissuade and prevent shoplifting:  Visible cameras and signs can help to deter shoplifters from targeting a business. They can also help to identify shoplifters who do attempt to steal from a business.

Monitor sensitive areas: Video surveillance can be used to monitor sensitive areas, such as cash registers, aisles, and storage areas. This can help to deter theft and vandalism.

Reassure staff, the public, and contractors:   Video surveillance can help to reassure staff, the public, and contractors that a business is safe and secure.

Secure the exterior and approaches to buildings:  Video surveillance can be used to secure the exterior and approaches to buildings, such as parking lots and entrances. This can help to deter theft, vandalism, and other crimes.

Fight against insecurity:  Video surveillance can be used to help fight against insecurity in a variety of ways, including deterring crime, identifying suspects, and providing evidence.

Perform video or image checks from remote monitoring stations:  Video surveillance footage can be monitored remotely from a central location. This can help to improve security and efficiency.

Provide evidence and identify suspects in the event of an offense and/or dispute:  Video surveillance footage can be used as evidence in the event of an offense or dispute. It can help to identify suspects and to prosecute them.

Make savings: Video surveillance can help to make savings by replacing security guards or guards

Reliable and accurate traceability tool: Video surveillance can be a reliable and accurate traceability tool for tracking people, goods, and other assets.

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